Congregational Meeting is this Sunday, October 27 at 12:30pm

Welcome to the official page for Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles (aka “Founders MCC” and “MCCLA”) 2013 annual congregational meeting and related events.

  • Annual Congregational Meeting was held on: Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 12:30 P.M.
  • Our Congregational Forum went as planned, with a live broadcast and online participation via email at INFO AT MCCLA DOT ORG. This took place on Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Thank you for those of you who were able to participate in the forum, this year.

Highlights of Founders MCCLA Congregational Meeting 2013

The congregation voted three new Board Members to serve through the Congregational Meeting in 2014.  The Board was charged will filling the vacant position.  The congregation elected three new Lay Delegates to serve until the completion of the next General Conference of our denomination in 2016.    The financial review for 2012 and budget for 2014 were approved.  It was noted that this was one of the largest budgets passed by Founders MCC Los Angeles.   The meeting adjourned until October 2014.


Please find below all available documents, each one on this list will link you to it’s associated PDF file.  The board and lay delegate apps are also available in Word.  Close the window of the document that opens up to return to this page.

Documents for Your Review Description
Application Form: Board of Directors (Microsoft Word Version–fill out, save, send)
Completed App for Board: Tracy Adams
Completed Apps for Board: Don Mueller, Michael Southerland
Application Form: Lay Delegates (Microsoft Word Version–fill out, save, send)
Completed Apps for Lay Delegates: Lisa Arnold, Amy LaCoe
Completed App for Lay Delegate: Joseph Castillo
Lay Delegates Manual (from MCC Churches)
Annual Report for Congregational Meeting 2013 (Founders MCCLA)
Church Bylaws (Founders MCCLA)
Minutes from Last Year’s Cong. Meeting 2012 (Founders MCCLA)
Check back after the meeting for this year’s documents
Financial Report from Last Year-2012 (Founders MCCLA)
Financial Report for January – September 2013) (Founders MCCLA)
Proposed Budget for 2014 (Founders MCCLA)