iCare.Titleonly.Color.Transparent.1 Melissa Smithee“The Minister of Congregational Care holds virtual office hours to better serve the hundreds of members in our online worship community at Founders MCC and those who cannot make it into the church office.The “iCare” program hours are Monday – Wednesday from 9:00am-11:00am PST

and by appointment.
Rev Caedmon Grace is available for spiritual support and guidance and can assist with a multitude of needs and concerns. Video conversation is available via Skype. Please email revcaedmon AT mccla DOT org to reserve a time for pastoral care.

Skype Name: Melissa.Smithee”

Are you desiring online ministry but unable to skype?  Do you have a preferred way to communicate, online or otherwise?  Your input will be enthusiastically received and prayerfully considered–we want to be there for you and others who we can minister to online.  Please email your suggestions to both revmelissa AT mccla DOT org and our website person, JD Sebastian sebastian AT mccla DOT org