December 15, 2013 11:00 a.m Celebration Service

The below video is an extra special labor of love, thanks to Chuck Phelan for additional post production, editing the drama portion of this service.
  • Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles (MCCLA)
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  • “Elizabeth and Mary: Eyes of Longing” (11am) Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas, Senior Pastor
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film credits 250r Tech credits for this service:

  • Cameras: Chuck Phelan
  • PowerPoint & TV Sound Mix: Susan Horn
  • Broadcast Tech:  Chuck Phelan
  • House Sound:  Sheldon Vicks
  • Post Editing: Chuck Phelan

Music credits

  • Piano, Music Director: Jane Syftestad
  • Bass Guitar & Band Leader: Garrett Wolfe
  • Keyboard: Larry Moad
  • Drummer: Keith Erickson

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