New Queer Faith Forum (NQFF)

The New Queer Faith Forum (NQFF)

Every 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday at 7:00 PM

at Founder’s MCC

in the PreSchool Building


Be part of a new gathering of women and men exploring our spirituality and sexuality in the context of the life and teachings of Jesus.


Reflect together on:

  • ·         Teachings of Jesus that speak to our fears and hopes.
  • ·         How we experience and share God’s inclusive, unconditional love.
  • ·         Social justice and what God calls us to do in the world.
  • ·         Support for those who have been rejected by family and church.
  • ·         The way of discipleship.
  • ·         For more info, contact Bruce Calkins at hbcalkins AT sbcglobal DOT net and/or Brian Symonds at bsymonds82 AT gmail DOT com