Dissertation of Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois

“Queer Blessings” by Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois


Reverend Dr. Pat Langlois

Minister of Congregational Life
Founders Metropolitan Community Church, Los Angeles



Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois is a native of Northern California (San Jose/Santa Cruz areas). Raised Catholic, her journey took her to MCC Stockton when she was 19 years old. By the time she was 30, she was completing her process of becoming an MCC Clergy person. She has loved the opportunity of serving God and community on staff at MCC San Jose, Assistant Pastor at MCC San Francisco; as well as Senior Pastor at Emmanuel MCC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There she had the opportunity to bring the message of God’s love throughout the state, coordinating a number of local and statewide events. Her greatest joy, though, was working with her congregation to feed the homeless each week, to share Thanksgiving meals with literally thousands (which had started as a small outreach years before in the church basement); and giving toys to local children at Christmas time…oftentimes the money and toys were raised and donated by the Imperial Court in town, wrapped by the congregants and shared with the children in the neighborhood which reached out to many in need.


Returning to California in 2003, Rev. Pat joined the staff of Founders MCC Los Angeles as Minister of Congregational Life, focusing on volunteers and programming. Her joys here are many…working with an incredible community who continue to make differences in each others’ lives. She has also (co)organized events that impact the wider community: the Caravan of Hope (Founders MCCLA’s response to Hurricane Katrina); Blessing of the Animals; Suicide in the Queer Community, just to name a few. Keeping more than busy with her work with Founders MCCLA, Rev. Pat also finds time to enjoy her incredible daughter, Maya, who is entering Kindergarten.


In 2010 she finally completed a lifetime dream, which took her ten years to complete, and that was receiving her Doctorate of Ministry from Wisdom University, formally known as University of Creation Spirituality founded by Matthew Fox. Fox, Neil Douglas-Klotz, Andrew Harvey, and Russill Paul were all her teachers and mentors during her time with the University, relationships she cherishes to this day.


The following is her dissertation which she feels is a gift given to her to be shared with others. It focuses on how, in very real ways, we can transform into our Divine fullness.

Queer Blessings: A Healing Paradigm for the Queer Community as it Journeys through Creation Spirituality and the Beatitudes, by Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois

This unpacking of the Beatitudes as a healing path which came about from the inspiration from the Aramaic work of Neil Douglas-Klotz as well as perspectives from Protestant and Catholic Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, New Thought spiritual leaders, and members of Metropolitan Community Church and the Queer Community. The result is truly a journey of wholeness and holiness for all. This dissertation explores the Paths of Creation Spirituality, the Journey through the Beatitudes, and includes additional essays and workshops in its appendices.


Free Online Book: Download or read online: Queer Blessings_Rev Dr Pat Langlois Dissertation