Spiritual Enrichment

It is vital to grow in our faith by learning from the wisdom of our ancestors and our contemporaries. Throughout the week and throughout the year you will be able to attend a number of spiritual education classes and workshops of varying topics and depth.

Teaching series that we have offered in the past include:

  • Scripture Study
  • The New Testament from Scratch
  • The Old Testament from Scratch
  • Going Green with God
  • Book of Job
  • Queer Blessings: A Study of the Beatitudes
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Seven Sins
  • Queer Eye on the Bible (a study of homosexuality and scripture)
  • and more…

Currently, we host a Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm (we have the ability to Skype Bible Study…simply email sebastian AT mccla DOT org with your Skype address and you will be set up.)

Additionally, we have Home Groups located around the area (from Victorville to Pomona; San Fernando to Long Beach). Go to their web pages for more detailed information.

For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois revpat AT mccla DOT org