2014 Stewardship Campaign

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Founders MCCLA appreciates and operates solely on your generosity to help us with our mission to bring God’s unconditional love to the world and especially to God’s GLBT and other marginalized Children!  Have you Made Your Annual Pledge for 2014 Yet?

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I want to invite you to ACT NOW.

Founders MCC strives to let the world know God’s good news.  We are loved.  Period.

Every year we invite the members and regular attendees of Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles to commit to another year of ministry together in our vibrant, inclusive, and progressive community. We challenge one another to find ways in which we can give of ourselves in service through time, talent and treasure to spread the message far and wide – that you are loved – that we ALL are loved.

For the past few years we have done this through an annual pledge campaign and the faithfulness of many individuals ensures that we are able to continue our vision, mission, and values, changing the world together.

This year I am asking you to take a fresh look at Founders with me!  I am asking you to have a conversation with a member of the Board of Directors as we dream a dream together.  A dream that lets people know there is a vibrant, inclusive, and progressive faith community looking to change the world one act of love at a time.

As a part of our membership commitment we agreed to faithfully support the church in many ways and, as we prepare to make our pledge for 2014, I believe that we must put “legs on our dreams”  by volunteering your time, talent and treasures to continue to spread the message of wholeness so many have not heard before.

Together, we, as a congregation, spread this message every day and in many ways to those who most need to receive it:

  • We provide shelter and food to homeless queer youth
  • We support the AIDS hospice in Tijuana, Mexico
  • We deliver hospitality for our LGBTQ Seniors at Triangle Square
  • We donate back-packs and school supplies for vulnerable children
  • We offer rooms and accommodations of our campus for the numerous 12 -step and support groups.
  • Care programs that respond to the various needs of our international community,

We do a great deal for others.  That is what we as Christians do. Spread Jesus’s Good Word to those most in need.  But to do so, we need your financial support.

We are coming out of a deep recession and have been forced to use some of our reserves to continue our current programs.  This is not sustainable for us as a church or for the broader community we serve.  As a result, plans to reach yet more members of our community needing our messages of love remain just dreams until we have the funds to support them.

The Biblical principle of tithing is something that we support and teach at Founders.   If we assume that the average income of individuals is $30,000 per year (of course, for some this is less and for some, this is more – but let us say the average is $30,000 annually) and if we believe that our tithe is 10% to the church, that means that the average person would be committed to an annual giving of $3,000, or $57.70 per week.

We know that many give much more, and many cannot afford this.  However, if 300 people committed to $3,000.00 per year our annual budget would be $900,000.00 per year –more than enough to do what we do now and would enable us to expand and do so much more.
I believe that this is attainable and I want to challenge us all to think about our financial giving to Founders MCC Los Angeles.

Please be open to a conversation about this and join me in making a faith pledge for the coming year and witness with me what miracles happen when we remember that we are “all in this together”.

I want to celebrate with you your faithfulness and consistency in giving as we move toward 2014.  I want to celebrate the greatness of God’s faithfulness to Founders MCC Los Angeles as we enter our 46th year of witness and ministry – and YOU are vital part of realizing the dream.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and receive this letter and I hope that I can count on you as a member and regular attendee of Founders MCC Los Angeles to be both faithful and consistent in giving of your time, talent and treasure to make our dreams come to reality.

Sincerely, your Pastor and fellow tither of 10%.

The Reverend Dr. Neil G Thomas

For more information or to speak to someone about your pledge, please call, email or correspond with us:

Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles
4607 Prospect Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel: 323 669 3434 admin@mccla.org