Australia flagHi, my name’s Matt and currently living and working in a tiny remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory of Australia. As a disillusioned, Christian gay man in the outback and at a crossroad, I searched online and found your utube sermons/interviews, particularly, the one on homosexuality and christianity. My faith in Christ has been restored through your ministry. I can now go on this renewed journey in reconciling my sexuality with my spirituality and start enjoying this blessed perculiarity, that it’s okay to be gay and Christian. You have been my church since last night and I’m IMMENSELY BLESSED!  THANK YOU for being God’s CHANNEL of BLESSINGS. Matt :)))

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flag-brazil_90x60px “Hello! I’m Arthur Künzel Fauth, I always watch you in my computer and I‘m so glad to watch this so BLESS church. I’m from Southern of Brazil and my favorites sermons are taught by Pat Langlois. I love her many kisses and hugs my favorite reverend!” Arthur Künzel Fauth, Brazil
…this wonderful church that we know as Founders’ MCC… this is a place that definitely practices what it preaches when it comes to love, social justice, diversity, and all that good stuff,  and Neil, a lot of that credit goes to you!    I don’t think that I would be able to find another church like this.
I’ll be leaving this coming Friday, so unfortunately,  I will not be able to say goodbye in person,  but despite this,  I will contuinue to stay in touch through Facebook and the Table Project, so I know where to go to if I need prayer, or to reach out to someone there.
Anyway,  I love this church,   and I love all of you,  and I certainly wish all of you and the church the very best!     Founders MCC will contuinue to do great things here,   I certainly know that!!!!     And you’ll contuinue to exemplify greatness!!!!    Because that’s what this church is all about….greatness!!!!     And I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!!!!!
Thank you again,   I love you, and God bless you always!!!!!!
Peace & Blessings,

united kingdom flag_90-60px Joined you on line this morning for your 11 am service. (7PM here in the UK) for the first time. Congratulations on your new Church home, God will mighty bless your ministries there. Having moved to rural Suffolk in the UK and been bereaved form LGBT Christian fellowship for years It was delight to join with you all. Thanks so much. Neil, what memories it revoked, the long, long journey and Gods love continues to reach out. The service filled my heart and brought me to tears. I’ll be back with you often. God bless you.” Rev David Miller, United Kingdom kansas flag_90x60px Checking in from Kansas City, KS! Spirit of Hope MCC got snowed out today! Pastor Kurt posted a link to your service. Thank you for streaming live! God is good!!!” Rhonda Gregory Sean  Kentucky flag_90x60px“I actually attend Sunday Morning services at Elizabethtown MCC in Central Kentucky, which is currently a struggling congregation of about 19 or 20. However, it gives me great hope and inspiration to watch your services and to know that I am part of a greater community that is doing great things both here in the US and around the globe. Not that my church is not a God Send to people like me, who live in a rural community in the middle of the Bible Belt. In a landscape dotted with church buildings who do not welcome us, we’re lucky to have a place to worship that is all our own, where we can experience unconditional love and acceptance. But your online ministry provides me with the access to something even bigger. May God bless you and your congregation in all that you do. Please remember us in your prayers as well.” Robert Brown
ohio_90x56px“I just found your site online and really enjoy the services. I live in Victorville Ca. and was looking for churches in my area that are gay friendly and came across your site as well. Wished I lived closer, I would be a regular :-) Me and my partner has been together since 1980 and we have been to other churches… such as Assembly of God, Penecostal due to our up bringing but have gotten away from it due to the doctrines of beliefs that are contrary to our sexual oreintation. I believe God loves everyone and created us all for loving him and others regardless. I really enjoy the love I feel from your ministry! I watch you on the youtube site weekly. Thank you for broadcasting the services. Love you all” Steve Kranz Michigan_State_Flag_90x60px“Tuning in (late) from the upper peninsula of Michigan! Despite the distance and the fact that this is my first time listening to the MCCLA’s broadcast, I feel like I have found a home. Love you guys!” Abe ohio_90x56px “I Visited your site for the first time today. Was visiting revtroyperry.org and learning a little history of your church. I go to a gay affirming church in my community of Mansfield Ohio. But it is small…and it was only by the grace of god I found out about my church. Your service was a blessing to watch.” Thomas Wade
mexico-flag_85x60pxI’m from Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico, but I now live in San Diego, CA. Viviendo la experiencia de contar con una iglesia con sevicio en espanol donde podemos alabar a Dios sintiendonos libres de prejuicios y sin sEr senalados por sEr comunidad [gay o les].” Lulu MadridEnglish Translation: Living the experience of having a church sevice in Spanish where we can praise God without being judged or singled out for being a gay and lesbian community.   It was wonderful to be there last Sunday, I found it very inspirational, and hope to be there in the future again.” Rosa van Wijk Chile_90x60 “Bendecidos, muchos saludos y muchas felicidades por el trabajo que realizan… reverendo Alex, un fuerte abrazo desde Chile!!!” Gerardo Pineda, Chile English Translation: Blessings and many greetings and congratulations for the work you all are doing! Reverend Alex, a big hug from Chile!
scottish_flag_90x54I love this Church! I watch the traditional service every Sunday night…… God bless you all from Scotland… James  south-african-flag-90x55px…to watch online and so be a part of worship at Founders MCC. Thank you so much to everyone who makes this possible. Looking forward to a glorious Easter service today. Happy Easter everyone!!! :)” John Goodier, South Africa

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Canada-flag_86-60px“Hi I watch the broadcast every week. Even though I live miles away; I feel that I am apart of this church. I wish the MCC can help with starting a congregation in Montreal” Carlo Mesiano, Canada  “I attended MCCLA Church
yesterday during the
11:00 am Easter service.I believe there is an amazing future
for this wonderful church
.”Lisa Kassner






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