We are blessed with incredible musical talent at Founders MCCLA.

If you would like to join one of the three musical teams with an offering of singing or the playing of musical instruments, please contact the following:

For Sunday 9am & 11am Worship Services, including Founders MCCLA’s Choir, contact our Music Director, Jane Syftestad at music AT mccla DOT org

  • Choir practice for the 11:00 am choir is Wednesday evenings, 7:30 pm.

For Sunday’s 1:30pm Spanish-speaking Service, contact that service’s Music Director, Peter Kirkpatrick at peter AT mccla DOT org

  • Choir practice for the 1:30 pm, Spanish choir, is Thursday evenings, 7:00 pm.

For Wednesday Night’s Bible Study Band, which also does outreach ministry events, contact  JD Sebastian at sebastian AT mccla DOT org

  • Wednesday Night Band & Singers rehearse at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays, before Bible Study.



Our 11:00 AM Celebration Choir: MCCLA Voices

Nosotros Iglesia Comunidad Metropolitana Coro (en Español)