Wednesday Night Bible Study & Worship

Wednesday Nite Study

7:30 PM

Hunter Room

(Located off of the Courtyard)



Join us the first Wednesday of the month for Church Potluck!

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January: “Song of Songs,” Deacon Garrett Klindt

February: “Ready, Set, Grow!” Bible Basics, Dr. Stephan Scoggins

March: “Journey to the Cross,” Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois, Minister of Congregational Life


December: Coming into our Own, Pastor Lucia Chappelle

November: A New Earth, Rey III Viquez

October: Radically Living: Centered in Christ, Engaged in the World, Led by the Spirit,
Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas

September: Living an Authentic Life, Dr. Stephan Scoggins

August: Resisting Oppression and the Challenge of Paul, Pastor Lucia Chappelle.

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Study Series begins at 7:30 pm.

Before Bible Study, we have a Prayer and Meditation Service at 6:30 pm. service is offered in the style of Taize with short readings and time for prayer and reflection. It lasts 45 minutes.

Once a month on the first Wednesday, we all join together at 7:00 pm for a Potluck.

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SKYPE is very much a part of our Wednesday Night Studies–folks joining in on SKYPE are able to interactively participate with us.  You’ll need to download SKYPE on your computer (if you don’t have it already) and you should have functioning speakers and a microphone as well.  If you want to join us via SKYPE then please email your SKYPE address and phone number to our technical staff person, JD Sebastian at sebastian AT mccla DOT org at least 90 minutes prior to the SKYPE event (in this case, our Weds. 7:30pm Study Group).  If you are trying to join in after the 90-minute window, either text JD at 310-780-8714 or email him at 310-780-8714 AT vtext DOT com.   JD is also able to provide tech support to you during the SKYPE experience via text..

How does it work?  We’ll need you to be by your computer ready to receive our SKYPE call 10 minutes before the event.  Our current Wednesday Night Skype Check-in Time is 7:20 PM.   JD will call everyone who has asked to join in by SKYPE at 7:20pm.  We will also send you the PowerPoint file of the songs that are being sung and any other reference material that maybe used during the study by your email address, if we have it.  You’ll be able to share your prayer requests, comments, etc., with the whole group via SKYPE, or if you’re in a quiet space, you may participate by listening only if you choose.  Please indicate this to JD if you know ahead of time that you’ll want to be a silent participator so we don’t “put you on the spot”–it’s okay to just listen in, if you want!

Our Wednesday Night Bible Study is  Skype the Bible Study…simply email sebastian AT mccla DOT org with your Skype address and you will be set up.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois, revpat AT mccla DOT org.